In 2021, our very first year in full operation, amidst the pandemic, and start up obstacles, we still have delivered paramount service to a number of community groups, businesses and nonprofits! We are projected to serve 150+ more groups in 2022.

120 Unique Organizations

We have had the pleasure to advise, consult and provide solutions for 121 unique businesses, nonprofits and organizations at the end of the year in 2021.

620 Hours of Donated Service

These hours only include time spent working on projects or meetings. We believe that donating our time and expertise is the best way we can help our communities grow.

$49,620.00 Value Added To Communities At Large

Even though our community package is free the service we provide saves our clients thousands of dollars. Compared to the actual market for our services, this number is modest to say the least. 

Uganda | Reason 2 Run | Fundraiser

On January 9th at 8:30 in the morning our volunteer team raised $505 dollars on a 4 day campaign for our client Sharing Ministries Uganda. That $505 dollars transferred into 1,769,995.71 Ugandan Shillings!

Do you have an idea to start your own business or nonprofit, but need help formalizing or have no money?​

What do you do?

Sure, you can try "going in alone", but why do that when you have Spring Oath Consulting?

We'll help you get your business idea to cash flow or your nonprofit idea, grant-ready.

Schedule A Call

How it works.

You'll sit down with our trained professionals to get your idea on paper, review documents, survey, and research for you. 

We'll need an scalable and executable plan.

We will walk with you step by step as we build your business' capacity, sales/donors, and marketing strategy.

Get you connected to strategic partners for long-term success.

Spring Oath Consulting has a wide network of service providers that are specialized and ready to serve you. They have been vetted by us personally and are prepared to take on the challenge.

Sponsored Community Package

We serve all business and nonprofit organizations, in every industry, with $100,000 or less in annual revenue. This package has a value of $6,197.00.

Document Review

Customer Relationship Management Review/Set-up

Prep For Organizational Capacity Assessments

Organizational Capacity Assessment

Electronic Surveys

Final Reports

Presentation Of Report

Capacity and Data Management Development

Sales/Donor/Participation And Retention Development

Marketing Scheme/Schedule

5 Year Projections

Investor Research/Partnership