Our very first client in our NBA Plan in Q1 of 2021 back when we had a push for neighborhood associations was Ms. Alma Trawick of the Keystone Millersville Neighborhood Association. After her taking a hiatus from the neighborhood association and moving on the other side of the city for a year she returned with a passion and fire to revitalize her neighborhood association. Keystone Millesville and Spring Oath Consulting restructured her organization, created a strategic plan, built her a website, developed her CRM system, created a case statement for her group, and educated her and her team on strategies moving forward as they pressed through the pandemic.

"They made growth simple and as painless as possible. When I found out it was free, I was skeptical. In the end, we got an actionable strategic plan, a website, and a case statement we immediately and successfully used to procure funds. I think the most unexpected result for me was the sense of security, vision, and empowerment as a leader through their educational and coaching workshops. I love Spring Oath Consulting! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to start or grow their business. He taught us a lot about friendship and all the things you can accomplish as a team.”

Alma Trawick of Keystone Millersville

Neighborhood Association​ in Indianapolis Indiana

Q2 Spring Oath Consulting received $92,000 from the Small Business Administration due to the Covid Crisis. This investment launched us into a full operation and made our annual budget 2 times over. This investment our government made in us has allowed us to help dozens of organizations across the nation and even internationally.



Q3 We established relationships, partnerships, clients in the Houston, Texas area. More importantly, Spring Oath's Board of Directors decided to hire Mr. David Johnson Sr. to be the first paid staff member of Spring Oath Consulting taking the lead on building the business and securing funding for longevity. David's proven success and track record of excellence has proven to accelerate Spring Oath's growth and he is still blazing forward with strategic excellence and financial acumen.

Q4 As we close this fiscal year Spring Oath Consulting has acquired its first official office space in Houston, Texas! It has partnered with the Strategic Growth Alliance 366 and its network of partners to strengthen its operation and success rate. The turn of the new year will has promising projections and the operation has more than tripled in the past 3 quarters due to David Johnson's leadership.