David John​son

President & Founder

Faced with countless barriers, David Johnson has consistently led Spring Oath Consulting from an idea just a few years ago into a thriving and well established nonprofit. Spearheading growth and operations David's strategic thinking and personability has created dozens of executable plans for both his clients and Spring Oath Consulting. His years of nonprofit industry work, training in business, and mentorship has made him into a powerhouse of knowledge and wisdom. Spring Oath Consulting is proud to have David Johnson as its CEO and Founder.

Kanneitha McGruder


Permeating with personality, vision and expertise in finance, Kanneitha humbly serves on Spring Oath's Board of Directors. She is the longest standing member of the board other than David Johnson himself and has seen Spring Oath Consulting become the industry competitor it today. She routinely engages with operations and oversight of Spring Oath insuring that the financial wellbeing and stewardship of our donors is kept with integrity and poise

Jonathan Collier 

B. Secretary & Research Director

Defined and strong, Jonathan brings life to our Board of Directors and operations with rich research, insight and data. Keeping our data secure, accurate, and readily available Jonathan brings light and positivity to the team. His experience and education outside of his deep involvement in nonprofits and philanthropic work keeps us up-to-date and ethically conscious. His strategic advise during operations and consulting brings an informative data driven taste to our results and is a favorite among our data centric clients.

Ed Sandifer 

Philanthropy Advisor

In just his spare time, Ed single handedly has mentored and built out Spring Oath's development department along with 2 interns from the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy's undergraduates program. His targeted and objective strategic advice as an advisory member of Spring Oath keeps our CEO, David Johnson, on the right path and steering our organization in the right path.

Donald Kent

Business Advisor

Like blessing from above, Don has mentored David Johnson since he was the student president in his nonprofit called Net Literacy. David Johnson was 13 years old and learning from one of the most well known nonprofit leaders in the digital inclusion industry. They partnered in many traveling events, conferences and successful grant and major gifts campaigns. Now he sits as an advisor continuing to offer not only his nonprofit advice but also his business advice as his career in the corporate world as a consultant is also exquisit. Don taught David all he knows and shows no sign of stopping when it comes to sharing the love.

Dr. Lehn Benjamin

Philanthropy Advisor

Providing research support and expertise to Spring Oath in its early phases, Dr. Benjamin has guided two national surveys for Spring Oath Consulting gathering data on the client experience in nonprofits. This information was compiled and analysed to offer unique and strategic advice to our clients that no other company has. This unique advantage that we have sets us apart from other consulting groups and Dr. Benjamin simply cant get enough of feeding life into Spring Oath and its clients.