Our mission is to provide high-level consultative services to those who cannot afford it.


We envision a world where everyone has the opportunity to become an entrepreneur.


The wealthiest place in the world is the graveyard. We're here to change that. We believe that no one should pass away with diamonds left inside.

As a successful "Black-Owned Business," Spring Oath Consulting was invited to participate in the MLK Day Parade in Houston, Texas on January 21, 2022.

General Description Of Services:

The full-service consulting firm Spring Oath Consulting offers its services to both for-profit and charitable organizations. We develop the concepts or start-up ventures of our clients into successful enterprises or organizations. Additionally, we follow up with clients once a month to assess how their organization's growth is doing. Every client we've worked with has benefited in some way from the process. Our sessions are in-depth and highly personal. We establish a genuine connection with our customers, which enables us to provide them with life coaching and mental health guidance. Some customers are unable to assume the role of a business owner. We assist clients in determining whether their business concept can compete in the market.  Three significant issues plague the majority of small enterprises and nonprofits:

They lack a sensible, structured strategy and branding.

They lack money and development resources, and

They lack the connections needed to expand their company successfully.

These issues result in unmet customers, a stagnant economy, and frequent owner fatigue. With these issues, Spring Oath Consulting offers assistance. We assist in transforming organizations and start-ups into successful, long-lasting companies. We think it's important for businesses and the community to collaborate. Additionally, we think that our services should always be free.

We pay close attention to an organization's long-term as well as present needs. Branding workshops, business plan creation or review, customer relationship management system review or setup, investor research, grant research, market research and marketing plans, five-year predictions, reporting, and client retention are a few of the services we provide for our clients. Because each client is unique, we listen to them to identify their top three concerns and then focus on solving those issues before assuming what they need. After the fire has been put out, we repeatedly weave in other crucial components to their operation in order to strengthen their weak places.

We also keep up with clients monthly to check and see how the growth of their organization is going. Every client that we have served has gotten something from the process. Our consultations are very personal and involved. We make a real connection with our clients that allows us to give them mental health and life coaching advice. Some clients are not in the position to take upon the mantle of a business owner. We help them evaluate if their business idea will be able to compete in the market. Some of our clients discover that they should abandon the idea and move on because they are unwilling to put in the effort necessary to succeed because we set out the road map for success for them. This helps our clients save time, energy, money, and frequently, marital conflict or family trouble. Before accepting a customer or making an administrative choice to invest our time and resources in a client, we consider this.


In 2017, David Johnson established Spring Oath Consulting. He learned the value of having assistance, mentors, and a business coach from his own experience in starting his first nonprofit. As a way of paying it forward, he founded Spring Oath Consulting to provide people with similar tales that he did not have in his own life. By lowering anxiety, fostering clarity in their vision, and developing mechanisms for success, our goal not only answers and meets the structural and physiological needs of new entrepreneurs, it also addresses and fulfills those needs.

We collaborate with our clients to gain an understanding of their business strategy, talent pool, needs, and development goals. Then, we offer solutions to help them achieve their goals. In order to support your marketing and programming, Spring Oath Consulting will go to great lengths to uncover demographics, psychographics, lifestyle patterns, and service areas that need to be improved. This brings us to our first commitment to quality and customer satisfaction: this information helps the client expand and draw in clients.

Definition Of Success:

When our clients' wheels cease burning out, gain traction, and have a clear route to success, our definition of success has been satisfied. We wish to help our clients break free and succeed. Through working with numerous groups, we discovered that many of our clients already possess the necessary craft expertise; they simply need to overcome a challenge or are missing a piece of the jigsaw. David Johnson, our CEO, contributed to this description by running the company.

In 2017, David Johnson established Spring Oath Consulting. He learned the value of having a mentor from his own experience starting his own nonprofit. He possessed no means. He was a helpless, young, single man without any money. With the information he had acquired from experience and a desire to assist those who were similar to himself, he founded Spring Oath.

David has been managing charitable organizations for 14 years. He served as an intern consultant for Hedges Associates and holds a degree in philanthropic studies. He also served as a consultant for Ignition and Margin Mission. He learned a lot about consulting and starting a successful firm in both of these positions.

Commitment To Advancing Racial And Economic Justice:

Our goal is to offer premium consulting services to people who can't afford them. Sadly, there are disproportionately many folks who cannot afford it who are black and brown. 48 of the 68 organizations we helped last year were for persons of color. All employees and volunteers at Spring Oath, regardless of their gender, color, ethnicity, country origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, level of education, or disability, feel cherished and respected in this diverse, inclusive, and egalitarian workplace. In all of our departments, initiatives, and workplaces, we are dedicated to a nondiscriminatory approach and offer equal opportunities for employment and growth. We respect and value the many life histories and experiences, and we work to ensure that all voices are heard and acknowledged.

We're dedicated to upholding an environment that is accepting of diversity and inclusion and that treats everyone fairly.

We established Spring Oath in order to assist folks who lack resources, knowledge, or expertise in starting a for-profit or commercial enterprise. We want to provide opportunities for everyone with a dream. We assist people who are unable to attend college, who lack access to business mentors, and who lack the financial resources to hire a business coach or consultant. No matter their socioeconomic status or past experiences, we want everyone to achieve success and self-sufficiency.

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